Sloan Site, Arkansas
Sloan and Dalton Points

Illustrated in Figure 3.2 Row 1

by Bruce Bradley

These images are intended to supplement those included in the excellent book:

I believe these images will be useful because at the last minute it was decided to include them in the book at about 1/4 scale, rather than full-scale as intended by the authors. In addition, the images in the book were reproduced as cut-outs, frequently obscuring the edges. The result is that the images in the book lack detail. The images included here were scanned from photographs supplied to me by Dan Morse for my use when I was writing my chapter for the book. He has given me permission to reproduce them here.

I am aware that these images are large and take a while to load up. Please be patient if you want to see them. The whole purpose of these pages is to enhance the illustrations in the book.

The images are arranged in the same order as they are in the book, with a different web page for each figure and row. Follow the links. Several items show only one side. I do not have photos of all of the pieces, and when I didn't have a photo, I included the artifact number, but indicate that there is no photo. Missing photos include:
Fig. 3.2, Row 4, #165, #278, #295
Fig. 3.2, Row 5, #428
Fig. 3.3, Row 3, #228, #188
Fig. 3.3, Row 4, #288
Fig. 3.3, Row 5, #442, #30, #50
Fig. 3.3, Row 7, #131

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