I have few hobbies outside archaeology, but I do enjoy fishing now and again.  This is especially the case when I can go to the wilds of northern Canada with brothers and friends in search of those big Jacks (northern pike).  My brother Tom puts together fishing trips that are really great.  Here are some images of the most recent trip I took with him.



                    Here I am with an average Jack,                                                                     a somewhat puny lake trout                                                    and the second largest smallmouth bass caught in Manitoba that year


          Brother Jim with a nice pike,                                   friend Bob with his first 'keeper' (all catch-and-release)                                                                      and brother Tom with a beautiful bass


We fished two lakes connected by a river yet the pike have distinctive markings in each of the lakes; left is Clearwater Lake and right is Cormorant lake.  Sometimes a Clearwater pike is caught in Cormorant but never the other way around.


                                                                        We stayed in a really nice camp with hospitable hosts and excellent guides, in modern cabins, friendly dogs and absolutely gorgeous scenery.